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While just about any land in Tulum is a good investment these days, there are certain features you can look for to help make it even better.  A development like Aldea Zama encapsulates the majority of these at their best; but you can read for yourself and decide which ones are most import for your needs.

Modern infrastructure – While there is definitely a place for “raw” land purchases – i.e. those that will need to be build up from scratch and are usually dependent on future expansion of city services – having modern infrastructure in place at the time of the delivery of your lot does a good deal to increase its value sooner, and making your job of building a comfortable home easier.  Well-planned roads, underground wiring, full water service and drainage are all items that can be looked for.

Village center area – While this may seem like a luxury above and beyond the necessary – since Tulum already has its own town center – buying a lot in a development where there is a village center area to be constructed will usually add real value to the lot or the completed home.  Both in the question of future resale or simply for your own lifestyle, it’s attractive to have shops, cafes and restaurants within your own community.  In this feature, as in the others, Aldea Zama excels.

Green spaces – This is a question of both visual appeal and of “fresher” air.  Of course, in Tulum, which is surrounded by jungle and the beach, there is little question of how clean the air is, but living in community with plenty of trees is still very pleasant.  A large number of green spaces in the plans is a good sign for any development you are looking at.

Location near beach – One of the main attractive points of buying in Tulum is to be close to the beaches.  Tulum’s beaches have been consistently named in the TOP 10 in the world, and often even in the TOP 5!  They are wide, and the sand is soft and white; the water of the Caribbean is a distinct turquoise.

Location near town center – Tulum’s town center is already an interesting place to be with good, well-priced restaurants and a number of interesting shops.  There are also larger stores appearing like Walmart.  Buying a lot within walking distance of the town center means that it will already hold strong lifestyle appeal, even before any amenities directly within the development appear.

When you are looking at lots in Tulum, consider these factors.  If you don’t see them, ask your agent.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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