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One of the most interesting areas for Mexico homes for sale is Yucatan.  Yucatan homes offer buyers excellent variety in location, styles and lifestyle.  Here we will review the main groups of options in this market.

Colonial homes – One of the most unique options in Yucatan is that of colonials – this is especially true of Merida homes for sale.  Merida’s historic colonial center is the second largest in Mexico, and one of the most beautiful to be found.  Many Americans and Canadians enjoy buying a fixer-upper for a low price and restoring one of these classic homes to bring out the best of its colonial features as well as adding modern conveniences like air conditioning.  There are also fully restored colonial homes for sale.  Those who buy these colonials are not only buying a beautiful home, but also the walk-everywhere lifestyle that goes with it.


Beachfront homes – The entire northern part of the state of Yucatan is defined by beachfront.  Unlike the east coast of the Peninsula, where there are major tourist cities, this area is defined by small beachfront towns with a very different atmosphere.  There is a reasonable number of expats, and there are regular tourist arrivals from cruises; yet the towns themselves are still defined more by a local atmosphere, where everybody knows your name.  The expats hang out at a local bar and the locals and expats alike enjoy sports and activities together.  


Gated Communities – Like in most Mexico real estate markets, nice homes can be found in upscale gated communities.  There are beachfront communities of this sort, but there are also some in the city of Merida.  Buyers can enjoy the classic beachfront lifestyle, or enjoy the classic colonial charm of Merida from a context that feels closer to home. In both cases, buyers enjoy added security, lower traffic and a quiet lifestyle in a very nice atmosphere.  Like in other places, buyers often enjoy green areas and trails.


Golf course homes – A variation of gated community homes is that of golf course homes.  While the Yucatan area as of yet has only a handful of such communities, the quality of the golf courses are high, as is the quality of the homes.  While these appeal especially to golf lovers, they also appeal to buyers who simply enjoy the exclusive atmosphere of a golf course community.  Homes  like this can offer really nice views, convenient location, and good future value.


Countryside homes – While this option is not as common as the colonials or beachfront, it is an option which is very worth considering in Yucatan.  Surrounding Merida there are many small towns and homes to be found in both the towns themselves and directly in the countryside.  Countryside homes are often favored by those who wish to relax in a truly quiet and natural setting.  Yucatan’s countryside is beautiful, natural and picturesque.  Some buyers have invested in Haciendas – the old estates of Yucatan’s former upper class; these properties can deliver both in terms of lifestyle and finances.


Ranches – One possibility within the countryside lifestyle is that of ranches.  Retirees often like the idea of owning a larger plot of land and keeping gardens and animals; horses of often a favorite.  Imagine riding a horse through the fields, along a stream through places where the way of life has been defined by relaxation for centuries upon centuries!

Yucatan is truly an ideal place to consider buying a Mexico home; it offers variety, quality of life and very accessible prices.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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