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One of the tricks to getting a good Mexico real estate deal, just like anywhere else, is to look at property types & locations that very few others are paying attention to right now.  Within Puerto Vallarta real estate, one such situation is Mexico land for sale.

First of all, it is important to understand why few people are looking at land in Puerto Vallarta.  It is always important to be an informed buyer:

  • The area has undergone its boom – When real estate booms seem to be starting out, investors usually look at land as the top option, banking on a high possibility of growing demand and rising values as the area grows.   Once the boom is well underway, land prices rise and a larger variety of real estate types show up on the market; investors and other buyers shift their interest to completed homes and condos.


  • There is a glut of condos on the market – Because of the particular situation in Puerto Vallarta during the recent recession, there was a large supply of condos on the market; there are still a large number of excellent opportunities and the situation is definitely a buyers’ market.

So, with these factors in place, why bother with land?  It’s precisely because everyone else is thinking this way that now is a good time for buyers to take a look at land – while very few other people are.  While land in high-demand central areas is still pricy, there are good places to look.

  • Buyers can choose from a variety of neighborhoods – Land is available in many communities surrounding the central area.  Some are newly developing areas, others are formerly low-income communities just beginning to gentrify.   While the market is certainly not “overwhelmed” there’s enough variety that those who are looking can pick from some good selections.


  • They can have their own, personal home built – As with any land purchase, those buying in Puerto Vallarta can have their own custom home built, the way they want it.  This means they can make the most of the views of the bay from the hillside and have home ideal for their own way of enjoying warm weather!


  • They can save – The variety of choices and the fact that it’s a largely ignored market means that people interested in land can still save in this way.


Smart real estate buyers keep ahead of the game – investigating and looking into the options that are not “in” right now.  One such consideration could be Puerto Vallarta land.

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