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Among all the excellent choices in Mexico real estate, why should you as a buyer choose Ixtapa real estate?  Consider these reasons:

Beautiful Beaches – What first drew investors, tourists and real estate buyers to Ixtapa was the beautiful beaches.  Besides the beautiful, wide beaches and the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, Ixtapa offers a variety of beach areas.  Some have great waves excellent for surfing; others are sheltered and are among the best in Mexico for swimming.   While many people have chosen to vacation on these beaches, it is a whole other story to live on these beaches, full time, or coming back year after year to your own home overlooking them!

Pacific Sunsets – One of the biggest lures of owning real estate on the Pacific Ocean is the sunsets.  Whether you are going for an evening walk, enjoying a drink on the sand, or sipping coffee on your own personal terrace, you can enjoy the most splendid sunsets you’ve ever seen.  There are some beautiful things in life which never get old – this is one of them.

Pre-Boom Market – While Ixtapa has all the comfort of being a planned resort community, it is one of the few major tourist areas on the Pacific which has not yet boomed in real estate.  This means that in Ixtapa you can enjoy a different kind of relaxation – one that is not surrounded by the busy-ness of larger cities.  The pace of life is slow, and expats living here have learned to enjoy and savor every moment of it.

Low Prices – Closely tied into this fact is that beautiful beachfront condos are available for very low prices.  Besides wonderful views and access to the beaches mentioned above, residents can enjoy nicely designed properties with comfortable space, plenty of balconies and terraces and modern amenities – again at prices the average American can still afford.  Of course, there is a whole variety of prices, sizes and styles, but in general, luxury in Ixtapa is within reach.

Combination of New and Old – While Ixtapa is a planned resort community, it is just over the hill from Zihuatanejo, a typical little Mexican town that retains not only the visual atmosphere of old Mexico but also the culture, lifestyle and traditions.  It’s about a 10 minute drive away.  This town is a charming balance of Ixtapa.

Buyers interested in Mexico’s Pacific should consider Ixtapa; it is something different and something very attractive.

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