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While the Mexican Caribbean is generally seen as one fairly unified region, in terms of condos, there is a fairly distinct lifestyle offered by its three main markets.  A brief comparison between Playa del Carmen condos for sale, Tulum condos for sale and those in Cancun real estate will demonstrate the key differences.

European, Modern Suburban & Ecological

One of the main distinctions in the condo lifestyle of the three areas is the main lifestyle atmosphere that each area offers.  Playa del Carmen is largely defined by a European atmosphere.  Small city blocks, low-rise condo buildings, trendy cafes and upscale restaurants offer a walk-everywhere lifestyle in a very pleasant visual setting.  Cancun, on the other hand, was designed principally thinking of its main tourist clientele; wide access roads, international restaurants, modern shopping malls and high-rise condos define both lifestyle and atmosphere as convenient and modern.  Tulum is defined by yet a distinct lifestyle atmosphere.  As tourism grew in Tulum, eco-hotels began to dominate the attraction of the community; as the village grows and modern condo complexes show up, the usual approach is to combine ecologically-sensitive practices with modern, comfortable living in a way that does not affect day to day life.

City, Town & Village

Closely related to the last aspect is the simple fact of size.  Cancun is a medium sized city, well on its way to becoming the largest city on the Yucatan Peninsula.  It is expected to reach a million within the next decade.  With this come a larger number of services, not to mention the area’s primary and best-connected international airport.  Playa del Carmen is a small city that feel much more like a small town.  It balances a reasonable number of services with close access to Cancun, and a friendly neighborhood, small-town feel.  Tulum is still a village.  While it currently offers the basics, new items (such as a Walmart) are already beginning to show up. The good part is that as the community grows, it has plans to retain the village atmosphere.

In the end, which one is better depends largely on personal tastes, and somewhat on needs.  Undecided buyers should ask their agent to show them options in all three.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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