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While most buyers considering Tulum real estate these days are looking at the newer developments, Tulum condos for sale and Tulum homes for sale in the town center area also offer an excellent option in this exciting new market.  The following are some of the main attractive points.

Walk-everywhere Lifestyle – Living in the town-center area means that residents can walk everywhere; they can walk to restaurants, little shops selling handicrafts, cafes, banks and even large supermarkets.  One of Tulum’s main defining features is its focus on sustainability and ecology; this makes walking around pleasant and refreshing.


Quaint, Small-Town Lifestyle – This is likewise true of the town’s atmosphere; currently it is a small town with an authentically quaint atmosphere; while Tulum is expected to grow rapidly in the near future, a carefully planned urban development strategy actually focuses on retaining this atmosphere and keeping the image and lifestyle that the current town center offers.


New Conveniences Appearing – Just recently, Tulum’s town center received its first large supermarket when a Walmart was built.  A second such supermarket is currently underway.  As the town grows, new restaurants and excellent bars can be expected to show up in the town center area.  While these factors will make the walk-every lifestyle in the town center even more appealing, the existing services already make it convenient and relaxing.


Close Beachfront Access – With only a couple of exceptions, Tulum’s development so far has focused on the town center area (which is back from the beach) and areas further away from the beach; this means the town center is one of the closest communities to the beachfront.  The beach is an easy bike ride away.  Taxi rides are also cheap.


Ready-to-Use Property – Properties in new developments outside of downtown usually have some wait time before delivery, which is fine for those who do not need more immediate use of their home or condo.  If you buy in the town center, the property will be yours to use immediately upon the finalization of the contract.

Variety in Property Styles – Downtown includes a variety of properties, including single-lot homes, sustainable homes and small condo complexes.  Various styles can also be found, including more traditionally Mexican and modern.

When you consider your property in Tulum, be sure to ask your agent about properties available in the town center.  Other areas are likewise worth considering, but do not overlook these good possibilities available.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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