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In Mexico real estate, there are a handful of locations which stand out as top locations for a combination of beachfront luxury, affordable prices and modern service; Puerto Vallarta real estate is one of these.  The following are some of the reasons to buy in Puerto Vallarta.

Variety of Properties – Puerto Vallarta offers beachfront condos, which are beautiful, with direct access to the beach, and offer a very comfortable lifestyle.  Yet, this is just one of many real estate choices.  There are also homes and condos on the hillsides, marina condos, quaint homes near shopping areas, and modern, suburban style new developments.


Beautiful Views – If the views of the direct beachfront properties are amazing, then those from the hillside are even more so.  The views included panoramas of the beach stretching out along the bay, the old town, the surrounding mountains and – perhaps best of all – the sun setting over the majestic Pacific Ocean.


Excellent Prices – While there are definitely high-luxury homes on the beachfront worth over a million, there are very nice properties in all locations for all budgets.  Most importantly, the prices in Puerto Vallarta compare very favorably to nice beachfront properties in any other location that offers this much comfort and modern conveniences.


Low Cost of Living – It’s not only real estate that is affordable; everything from grocery shopping to that group outing that you and your friends from back home want to go on will cost a fraction of what you’re used to.  Monthly bills and property taxes are also very low.  One of the most notable examples of savings is in the area of healthcare, which costs as little as 70% less than the same services back home.


Modern Conveniences – The hospitals are not only affordable, but offer the best modern healthcare with state-of-the-art equipment and are free of waiting lines.  Similar modern quality levels can be found in everything from dining to shopping to golf.  Stores like Walmart and English movie theaters offer products that you are used to from back home.


Warm Weather & Beaches –Of course, we can’t forget the original points which drew expats to Puerto Vallarta; the beautiful beaches, the warm weather and surrounding nature.  Winter and summer alike, you will be able to enjoy walks and cold drinks on the warm sand of the beaches or wading into the water.

If you still need more reasons, a simple visit to Puerto Vallarta will provide you with a good long list of your own motivations to make this beachfront paradise your home!

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