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When considering Mexico real estate in Yucatan, there is a good variety of styles, locations and lifestyle options available.  The following are a few of the options you as a buyer can consider in Yucatan real estate.

Colonial Homes – One of the classic choices in Yucatan is the old colonial home in the city of Merida.  Besides offering the charm of living in a home that captures the essence of Mexican relaxation as it’s been enjoyed for centuries, these homes offer a complete lifestyle; you can walk everywhere, to the local fruit market, the art gallery, the English library, the jazz café, the bar, the supermarket, etc.  You can also just take a relaxing walk to enjoy the green city squares and classic architecture.


Beachfront Homes & Condos – About 30 minutes away from the city of Merida is Yucatan’s beachfront.  The nearest town is that of Progreso, which is home to a small, but close-knit community of expats who gather at a local bar on the beach.  This town offers homes on the beach, classic old homes in the town center, and more modern beachfront condos.  Life here is relaxing and calm, and has the benefit of being only 30 minutes away from all the modern stores and culture of Merida.


Gated Developments – Yucatan also offers modern gated communities with luxury homes and condos. These combine the area’s relaxed warm-weather lifestyle with a greater degree of privacy and exclusivity.  While safety is already very high in Yucatan, they also lower traffic and offer another kind of peace of mind.  Some gated golf course communities are also available for those who enjoy the game, or simply like the exclusivity.


Lots for Building – There is a wide variety of lot styles and locations to be considered.  Some are near the colonial city center of Merida, others are in the countryside and others can be found in the towns along the beachfront. Lots tend to be very well prices and offer the advantage of being able to have your own personal dream home built while still enjoying the advantages of each kind of location.


Countryside Estates – While the average American or Canadian buyer would usually not consider a countryside estate, but in Yucatan, this kind of property could be considered for a much more limited budget.  Yucatan’s countryside is quiet, safe and relaxing.

To explore these options more thoroughly, plan a visit to Yucatan; plan with an experienced agent to tour a variety of the location styles which sound appealing to you.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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