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Many good things could be said about Puerto Vallarta real estate; one of the most important facts, though, is that it's an outstanding example of great Mexico beachfront for sale for an accessible price.   The following are some of the details that help to make it outstanding.


Beaches - One of the main and primary attractions for buying in Puerto Vallarta is the beaches.   They are beautiful, the water is warm and they are ideal for relaxing walks in the sand, cold drinks on lounge chair in the warm sun, swimming and many other forms of enjoying this beauty.   Of course, you can visit these beaches on vacation, but it just not the same actually living here with these beaches at your front door.


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Weather - Puerto Vallarta is warm, all year.   The average temperature is just over 70 degrees.   Sunny days are the rule - almost 9 out every 10 days are mostly sunny.   People looking for perfect weather will be very hard pressed to do better than Puerto Vallarta.   This makes it very easy to enjoy the beautiful beaches, not to mention any other outdoor activity like biking, sailing, swimming, golf or just enjoying a drink at a sidewalk café.


Views - Beachfront properties in Puerto Vallarta can boast something that even most beachfront locations cannot; spectacular views that not only include the beaches and out along the Bay of Banderas and the deep blue ocean beyond, but also the surrounding mountains and sometimes the Old Town. Of course, there are also the colorful sunsets out over the Pacific which are beyond description! Some residents have trouble deciding which is are better - the beaches or the views!


Modern Amenities - Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico's leading tourist destinations, and for this reason it is home to all modern amenities - activities like golf, movies, sight-seeing tours, fine dining, shopping centers, marinas, boat tours, etc. as well services like large international stores (Walmart, etc.), a well-connected international airport and modern, well-equipped, up-to-date hospitals.


Prices - What's important is that an average American buyer can actually afford a nice property here.   Sure, someone can talk about the wonder of a beachfront property in Hawaii (which many would argue don't live up to Puerto Vallarta!) but unless you're a millionaire you're out of luck.


While most of these factors can be found to some extent in many other places, what distinguishes Puerto Vallarta real estate is that it excels in all of them.


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