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Within the Mexico real estate market, there are a few options which stand out as something unique and different; Puerto Vallarta real estate presents one such option in its hillside condos.  The following are some of the features that make this option outstanding.

Views – While the views in Puerto Vallarta are splendid, the best option for views within this market is most certainly the hillside.  Condos located back from the beachfront where the city begins to bend up into the surrounding hills not only offer views of the splendid beaches stretching out around the Bay of Banderas, but also of the surrounding mountains.  Many also offer views of the charming Old Town.

Value – These condos tend to be among the better priced since they are further back from the beach, and it is still proximity to the beachfront that tends to define the clearest correlation to prices.  Often buyers will find that they can buy a very similar unit and complex – if not even better – on the hillside in Puerto Vallarta for a significantly lower price.


Amenities – Like all Puerto Vallarta real estate, hillside condos have easy access to large, modern stores, nice shopping malls, movie theaters, professional golf courses and excellent hospitals and clinics.  While Puerto Vallarta offers all the romance of a charming Mexican town, it also offers all the modern lifestyle conveniences of a thriving tourist community.


Walk Everywhere Lifestyle – The hillside areas around the Old Town and downtown areas of Puerto Vallarta offer walking distance to many services, as well as activities like bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, etc.  While most residents of these areas prefer to take a taxi going back up the hillside, taxis are cheap running only a couple of dollars for most rides.


Easy Air Access – Puerto Vallarta is home to a very well-connected international airport, which offers direct flights to all major destinations in Canada and the U.S.  The flights are very reasonably priced, and a growing number of discount airlines to support tourism demand sometimes offer cheap direct flights for surprisingly less than many domestic flights.


Warm Weather – Of course, after the beaches, the main basic attraction of Puerto Vallarta is the very pleasant weather, which is warm all year round (average just over 70 degrees) and offers sunshine for over 300 days!

Hillside condos in Puerto Vallarta offer excellent lifestyle, splendid views and superb value.  It is an outstanding option for anyone considering real estate in Mexico.

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