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Other than the big beachfront tourism areas, Mexico has its “other” retirement dream; a Mexico homes for sale in a lakefront village.  In many ways, Lake Chapala real estate epitomizes the draw of this kind of retirement.  The following are some of the most attractive features of the Lake Chapala area.

Views – One of the most attractive points of living on Lake Chapala is the views of the beautiful lake and the surrounding hills covered in fields and forests.  Many American and Canadian retirees buy their homes back from the lake, up on the hillside, so they also get a view of the towns themselves.  The climate is likewise pleasant with very moderate temperature, never getting so intensely hot like the beachfront areas, but only now and then getting cool enough for a sweater.


Small Town Atmosphere – The towns on Lake Chapala (Chapala, Jocotepec, Ajijic are the main ones) are just that – small towns.  People who live here know their neighbors, see the same people at the store every day and chat with both other expats and the locals while they are out and about.  Most Americans and Canadians much safer than they do back home, and some even leave their doors unlocked and open.


Mexican Culture – Another point that distinguishes the Lake Chapala area is that while it has one of the larger expat communities, it is still really Mexican; local handicrafts, restaurants with the area’s specialties, festivals and the relaxing way of life which Mexicans have known for centuries are all part of day to day life in these towns.  Since the towns were well established as vacation spots among Mexico’s elite upper class over a century ago, and the traditions of the towns go back much further, the Mexican culture is at the very roots of the community and not “imported” for the sake of tourism.


Convenient Access – On the other side of the coin, Lake Chapala is less than an hour away from Guadalajara, the country’s second largest city.  The city’s airport is about 45 minutes away, offering well-priced direct flights to all major North American airports.


Modern Services – Likewise, Guadalajara offers many modern stores, excellent hospitals and a full range of services.  All the basics plus some can be found in Lake Chapala, and anything else is easily to be found in the nearby city.

Retirees who prefer moderate weather, beautiful views of a hilly countryside, and very authentic Mexican towns will do well to consider Lake Chapala as one of their top options.

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