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Although in the minds of most North Americans the condos Mexico’s Caribbean beachfront look like one single option, the fact is that Cancun real estate’s crown gem – beachfront condos for sale – and Playa del Carmen condos for sale differ significantly in their visual style as well as in the lifestyle they offer.  The following are some of the most marked differences.

High-rise vs. Low-rise

The first, most visual and most obvious contrast is that of the differences between the building style.  Cancun has been designed to offer extraordinary views of the white beaches and turquoise Caribbean along with large numbers of onsite amenities; the most conducive choice is high-rises.  Since there are more units on a given space of land, this also helps make affordable units available.


Because of specific laws, Playa del Carmen beachfront for sale, as all other buildings, are limited to four stories.  The views are also excellent, but the feel of the building is different.  From rooftop pools and lounge areas, the beach feels more “immediate.”

Suburban vs. Provincial

This first obvious difference leads to another striking contrast.  Cancun’s beachfront area, like most of the city, feels like a nice, new American suburb in the best sense of that concept.  There are wide access roads with boulevards and green, decorated traffic circles; everything is very comfortably spaced and gives a sense of newness and modernity.

While Playa del Carmen is for the most part newer than Cancun, its narrow roads and small city blocks give it more of a provincial feel; in the downtown area, the shops, cafes and condo complexes are snug to wide sidewalks, including the beachfront area.  Outside of downtown, the beachfront communities tend to have a very “green” design with lots of trees and open-space – much more countryside-like in an elegant way.

Urban Conveniences vs. Walk Everywhere

Finally, these differences come together in lifestyle.  Cancun’s modernity offers large international stores, malls, large-screen movie theaters and even state-of-the-art hospitals.  Within a short drive on very well-planned roads, just about any modern service can be found.

While Playa del Carmen has its own international stores and malls, these are back from the downtown beachfront area, which is more defined by a walk-everywhere lifestyle.  The layout described above allows residents to walk to cafes, local markets, cigar shops, etc.  Residents walk down the street, see their neighbors and stop to chat.

Of course, the beautiful beaches are a point shared in common, and the good thing is that these two communities are only 45 minutes away from each other, making it easy to enjoy the other.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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