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When you start searching for your ideal Puerto Vallarta home for sale, you can be sure of one thing; you will be getting an excellent property for the price you pay.  Yet, for you as a buyer, it’s always helpful to have a few hints and tips on how to get a better price.  Using services for Mexico listings and real estate deals can help a good deal, as well as the other tips discussed below.

Mexico real estate deal services – Some agency offer pages which list price reductions, fire sales and any properties priced especially low in Puerto Vallarta.  If you are looking for a deal, it helps to review these pages frequently to see what deals are out there and what kind of price is really a deal.  Some services may also offer e-mail alerts every time a new deal shows up, or a price is further reduced.  This kind of alert helps you stay ahead of the game; being the first to know, you can move on the best deals before everyone else does.


Online-listings – Closely related are online listings for Puerto Vallarta homes.  Reviewing these at the same time as evaluating the top deals can help you put discount prices into perspective.  It may also help you catch a great deal that the agency didn’t pick out; using thorough online listings helps so you get a broader perspective and more exposure to possible properties.  As with the deals, some agency’s sites offer e-mail alerts for any property new to the market that matches your criteria.  Once you have an idea of what looks good, you’ll want to work closely with a qualified agent.


Financing tools – While financing doesn’t actually help you “save” in the long-term, it does allow you to make the most of your funds available.  Banks directly in Mexico offer mortgages to non-Mexican buyers making easier to finance your Puerto Vallarta home without tying up home equity on other property that you own.  If financing is an option for you, it is worth checking to see what you qualify for and what a comfortable limit is for your loan and monthly payments.  This allows you to be ready if an excellent deal shows up that’s just over the price range you wanted; the home is in a better location, it’s significantly larger and costs only 25% more because of a price reduction.  Can you afford it?  Being familiar with your financing possibilities allows you to answer this question quickly and with confidence.

After keeping these tips in mind, working closely with an experienced agent will be your key to finding the best deal for you.

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