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In Tulum real estate the two main property types which buyers consider are Tulum land for sale and Tulum condos for sale.  While on one hand, these are almost “opposite” choices for buyers in terms of flexibility, ease of initial use, etc. but there are also many benefits in common for both real estate types.  Let’s consider some of these benefits along with how they differ between land and condos.

Small-town Atmosphere – Whether buyers choose land or condos, the end result will be that they will be enjoying a small-town lifestyle in Tulum.  Tulum is currently just that – a small town; just as importantly, as the town begins to grow fairly rapidly, a carefully designed urban growth plan focuses on maintaining the small-town atmosphere, including village-center areas in newly emerging communities and well-designed roads to ensure easy access between the different parts of town.  Tulum is – and will remain – relaxed, quaint and full of nature.


Excellent Pricing – Prices in Tulum are excellent, whether for land, condos or homes.  Since the town is still small, and the world is just beginning to notice the potential it holds, prices are very competitive.  In the case of land, there is plenty on the market, and there are excellent options for very good prices; the options include everything from raw land still in the jungle to prepared lots in very nice developments.  In all cases, buyers will see excellent prices for what their getting.  In the case of condos, units in the town center are priced surprisingly low considering the walk-everywhere lifestyle and conveniences which are always increasing.


Investment Income – Both from the perspective of condos in the town center and lots in growing communities, there is very good potential for increases in value over the next few years.  Tulum’s tourism is growing, and a real estate boom seems to be just underway.  In terms of value increase, land seems to hold the highest potential.  Yet condos offer the added potential of rental income.


Beaches – Of course, we can’t forget about the beaches.  Little by little, Tulum’s beaches are being discovered by the world and they are consistently showing up in the world-wide top 10 lists, often even in the top 5.  Whether buyers invest in land or condos, they will be living within close access to what may very be the best beaches to be found!

Buyers interested in Tulum will enjoy many benefits; whether they should buy land or condos –well, they’ll need to work with an agent to help make the choice, but in the end, it will have a lot to do with their tastes.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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Thomas Lloyd graduated from Purdue University Krannert School of Management with a degree in Management/Financial Option Investments. He has been living, investing, and working professionally in Mexico for over 15 years. A Mexican Certified Realtor he is the current president of TOPmexicorealestate, you can contact him at (512) 879-6546.

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