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Within Mexico as a whole, by far the most popular lakefront area for North Americans is Lake Chapala real estate.  Yet, in the same beautiful, hilly central area of Mexico there are a number other excellent lakefront options including the lakefront villages in the Morelia real estate area and Valle de Bravo real estate.  The following is a brief comparison advantages shared by the three options.

Beautiful Lakes – The towns of Lake Chapala are on the lake of the same name, near Morelia there are quaint villages on Lake Patzcuaro, and Valle del Bravo is located on Lake Alvarado.  Homes in all three locations offer splendid views of the water.  Residents can enjoy a coffee or a good meal at a nice restaurant on the lakefront.  Just as importantly, the weather is very moderate – never very hot like the beachfront areas, but never colder than what a good sweater can fix.


Surrounding Hills – All three are located in Mexico’s central highlands region and part of the beauty of the views is the surrounding hills, wooded and covered with fields and pastures.  Country roads running through the hills are ideal for bike rides and picnics.


Small-town Relaxation – Towns in all three areas are small and relaxing.  People know their neighbors –both fellow Americans and Canadians and friendly locals.  People walk the streets safely and comfortably – in fact, most people can and do walk everywhere.


Traditions – These quaint towns are also very traditional, often with colonial buildings, cobble-stone roads and little white homes.  These parts of the country also offer rich traditions in artwork, music and festivals that go back to the times before the Spanish conquered Mexico almost 500 years ago.


Nearby City – At the same time, each of these locations is close to a major city.  Lake Chapala is 45 minutes away from Guadalajara (Mexico’s 2nd largest city), the villages of Patzcuaro are about 30 minutes from Morelia (a major city of just under a million) and Valle de Bravo is about 1 hour away from Toluca (Mexico’s fastest growing city) and 2 hours from Mexico City (Mexico’s and the western world’s largest metropolitan.)  In each case this means there are a large number of excellent modern services readily at hand.


International Airport – Each of the villages is also very near to the international airport of each of the mentioned cities.  This allows for fast, direct, easy and affordable access.

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