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If you are considering buying Ixtapa real estate, there are some real advantages to owning a Mexico condos in this beachfront paradise.  The following is a brief synopsis of some of the most important points that attract Americans and Canadians to make Ixtapa their new home.

The Beaches – There’s nothing quite like living right on one of Mexico’s beautiful beaches, especially with the Pacific Ocean right beyond.  Besides relaxing on your balcony or right on the sand with a cold drink, you can also enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, and much more.  The beaches and the oceanfront become the central focus of relaxation and activities in your lifestyle.


Modern Comfort – Ixtapa is a planned resort community, much in the style of Cancun, but quieter, calmer and more relaxed.  This means you will be living in a comfortable, modern community with well-planned roads, nice new buildings, tasteful landscaping, good parking, etc.  It is very helpful moving to a new country that you can enjoy comfort the way you’re used to from back home or even better.


Traditional Mexico – While Ixtapa is modern, it’s right next door to the old fishing town of Zihuatanejo which has been around for centuries, rich in Mexico’s traditions in food, artwork, music and festivals.  The town is only 10-20 minutes away from Ixtapa and offers an excellent way to enjoy the “real Mexico” without going far from the comfort of home.  Zihuatanejo is also on the beachfront.


Pacific Sunsets – A spectacular part of the view is the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.  Perhaps you’ve seen pictures, but there is nothing like seeing in person, and enjoying it as a part of life, every day.  The best part is you can sit outside in your shorts and sandals, take the dog for a walk, go for a bike ride or simply enjoy a relaxing walk while you watch these specular sunsets that set the sky on fire every day.


Relaxation – In everything we’ve mentioned so far, there is one common theme – relaxation.  Living in Ixtapa, people don’t really think about relaxation; it’s simply a part of life, the way life is, and taken for granted.  At first you will be surprised about how relaxing life really can be, but soon, you too will simply feel that this is just the way life is!


Low Costs – The best part of all of this is that you can afford it.  Everything from nice condos to monthly bills or going out for dinner costs surprisingly little.

Consider enjoying life the way it was meant to be – in your own condo in Ixtapa.

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