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When you start your process of searching for and buying Yucatan real estate, there are some related services that you should consider for your convenience, including Mexico rentals for your future visits to view properties and Mexico insurance of various types.  The following is a list of some key items to put on your checklist.

Mexico rentals – In your early stages of searching, you’ll probably be working over the internet with an agent to find a preliminary list of properties.  However, once you actually head down to Yucatan to view your options in person, it’s nice to stay in a rental property; this allows you to save if you are staying for a week or two, and it also gives you a taste of what you will experience living in your future Yucatan property.


Mexico insurance – Either for your visits to view properties, or for your longer stays down in Yucatan, it’s good to have insurance arranged ahead of time.  Insurance to consider can include property insurance, watercraft insurance (especially if you are buying in one of the beachfront towns) and health insurance.  Excellent healthcare is very well-priced in the capital city of Merida, but having insurance always adds another level of security.


Mortgage/financing – There are a variety of financing options available for non-Mexicans buying real estate in Mexico.  Bank mortgages are one that is becoming more common and easier to gain in Mexico.  Financing from developers is also a nice option, and often easier to set up.  Investigating financing options ahead of time and getting pre-approvals helps keep more options open in terms of budget.


Property improvement or furnishings – Whether you buying land, a new condo, a fixer-upper home or another property type, there are probably a few services you will need before you can use the property.  The extent of these will depend on what kind of purchase you want.  In all cases, it’s important to start investigating options and prices early in your buying process so you can enjoy your Yucatan property as soon as possible.


Property management – Many Americans and Canadians living in the Yucatan stay here only part of the year.  If this is your plan, you might want to consider renting out your property while you’re not using it.  Even if you don’t want to rent it out, you can hire a property management company to clean, maintain, check the mail, pay the bills, etc.

While it’s really exciting to get a new property, it’s also important to think ahead to what you will need when you live in Yucatan to make sure your experience here is the best it can be!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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