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Choosing the 25 Top Beaches in the Riviera Maya was, in one way, a difficult task; the hard part was choosing the best ones of all the beautiful beachfront areas available.  In the end, there was a certain kind of criteria we used to evaluate the beaches.  Xpu-ha beach demonstrates many of the main points we looked for.

1. Beautiful Beach – While this was an absolute necessity, it didn’t really help much in terms of elimination; so many of the beaches in the Riviera Maya (the area between Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum) are absolutely beautiful, with soft, white sand and warm, turquoise water.  Xpu-ha is no exception.  The beaches here are wonderful, and anyone arriving to Xpu-ha will not be let down.


2. Activities – We were kind of flexible on how to define “activities,” since there is a good deal of variety of what people like to do on a beach, which can range from sipping martinis to kite-boarding.  The question was, do we count simple relaxation as an activity?  In Xpu-ha, it could count, since it’s such a relaxing place.  In any case, Xpu-ha is also a great place for camping, with the family or as a couple.


3. Services – In the case of Xpu-ha, this refers the restaurant.  But this is not just any restaurant, it’s an excellent restaurant which is a great place to enjoy a dinner with the family or a few drinks with live music.  Some of the other beaches we choose included items like beach clubs or golf courses nearby, but to be honest, we included a few, where the closest thing to a “service” would be the monkey who could pass you the coconut from the top of the palm; as we said, everyone has different tastes.  Xpu-ha is a nice balance between the two.


4. Access – Access simply means you can get there in a car, or a very short walk from a reasonable parking area.  Xpu-ha has good road access.  Other beaches have dirt roads miles-long.  Some are in the heart of downtown.


5. Unique Atmosphere – Each of the beaches we chose has a unique lifestyle atmosphere.  Xpu-ha is the place to relax with the family and enjoy a balance of contact with nature without being very isolated.

Next time you visit the Riviera Maya, consider taking a trip down to Xpu-ha or any of our other 25 Top Beaches.

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