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Of the beaches in the Riviera Maya, there’s something unique and special about Puerto Morelos.  Puerto Morelos, like no other community, has maintained its old Riviera Maya, small fishing town character.  This character is what makes Puerto Morelos’ top beaches unique and special.  Let’s consider the main features of the beaches and town.

  • The Caribbean Beachfront – While this point not unique to Puerto Morelos – the beautiful beaches are shared by the miles upon miles of the Riviera Maya – it’s probably the first attractive point to catch people’s attention.  The beaches of Puerto Morelos have white, soft sand, they are wide, and the water is that turquoise blue color that you don’t believe is real until you actually see it here in the Riviera Maya.


  • The Harbour – Puerto Morelos is home to a man-made harbor that is quaint and reminiscent of past days of simple seafarers and fishermen, now there to be enjoyed by yacht owners, sports fishers and waterfront tours alongside of the original townsfolk.  Besides serving its practical purpose, the harbor and dock are also picturesque, and a very nice place to go for a walk, take pictures, or just sit down and relax, watching day to day life in a place that reminds you of days gone by.


  • Boating, Fishing, Diving – The harbor and waterfront also lend themselves to many ocean activities, including sailing, boat tours, fishing (fishing tours are available), diving snorkeling, kite boarding, windsurfing and much more.  Experiencing the Caribbean out at sea is as awe-inspiring as watching it from the beachfront.


  • The Small-Town Atmosphere – The town of Puerto Morelos is directly on the beachfront, and is truly a local town with a very distinct character in the area.  Quaint homes have patios that go all the way to the sand, local restaurants offer good food and low prices with views of the sea and the refreshing breeze coming in off the water.  Walking through the town is quiet and relaxing, just like walking along the beach; in Puerto Morelos, there is little distinction between the two.


  • Easy Access – With all of this in mind, you would hardly expect that Puerto Morelos is only 20 minutes from the Cancun International Airport – a very well-connected airport with affordable direct flights to all major cities in North America.

Puerto Morelos’ beaches are beautiful, the town is small, quaint and unique, and here, relaxation isn’t something you do now and then; it’s a way of life.

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