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Many of the top beaches in the Riviera Maya are well-known places that most people who have been here can identify – Mamitas, the Lighthouse, Tulum, etc.  Yet there are a few which are well-kept secrets that almost no one knows about.  Colosio Beach in Playa del Carmen is one of these.

The interesting thing about Colosio beach is that it’s right there in front of most people’s eyes, yet they don’t pay much attention to it.  It’s about half a mile walk from the downtown area, the beaches are wide and sandy, and the sand extends far into the warm water making it comfortable to walk in.

So, why does no one notice it?  Because it’s outside of the tourist area.  Most people arrive to where Colosio Beach starts, look around, realize there are no more shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels or even tourists, so they turn around and go back. But there are many reasons to take notice of Colosio Beach.  The following are a few of them.

The Beach is Beautiful – As described above, the beach is among the finest to be found in the Riviera Maya.  They stretch out along a long curve, and are an ideal place for just about anything you would want to do on a beach.


It’s Quiet – Since most people turn around and go back when they get here, it’s quiet and relaxing.  Those who frequent the beach do so because they can go for a relaxing walk, wading in the water, or sunbathing on a very, very calm beach – all of this still very close to downtown.


It’s a Great Place for a Beachfront Picnic – While the downtown beaches are really nice with hotels, beach clubs, restaurants, lounge chairs, pools, etc., they’re not always the ideal place if you want spread out a large sheet and enjoy a picnic on the beach.  Colosio Beach, on the other hand, is a perfect place to enjoy this kind of beachfront time with the family or friends.


It’s Starting to Catch Investors’ Attention – Investors are just beginning to take interest in the beach.  While the completion of any major project is still down the road, this point is worth considering for anyone interested investing in nearby property.

When you go for your walk along Playa del Carmen’s beachfront, and you get to what seems to be the end of everything, don’t turn around; keep going and take a look at the beauty of Colosio Beach.

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