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The idea of Mexico retirement is usually closely connected with life directly on the beachfront – and this is with good reason.  Yet, it’s worth noting that Puerto Vallarta retirement offers an excellent alternative with Puerto Vallarta condos for sale on the hillside.  Consider the following advantages.

The Price – In Puerto Vallarta, like in many other beachfront areas, the price of condos changes in fairly direct relation to the distance to the beach.  This means that hillside condos are almost always noticeably more affordable than their counterpart on the beach.  These savings can go a long way in retirement in Puerto Vallarta since the cost of living is also very low.  The difference in Puerto Vallarta is that the hillside condos have several advantages of their own, other than simply being less expensive.


The Views – One of the most visibly obvious advantages of the hillside is the views.  While the views of the beachfront condos are excellent, those from the hillside are something in an entirely different category.  They not only include views of the bay and the surrounding mountains (more panoramic than those on the beachfront) but also the town itself as well as the beachfront.


Lifestyle – The lifestyle on the hillside is also excellent.  Many of these communities are walking distance either to downtown and/or to shopping areas.  This includes restaurants, bars, cafes, large stores, local markets and much more.  At the same time, the hillside communities are quiet, with plenty of green space and trees.  Residents can live a quiet, relaxed lifestyle, while still being close to everything.


The Cost of Taxis – Closely related is the fact that taxis are very well-priced!  While the walk down is usually easy enough, the walk back up can be tiring at times (although, if you’re looking for exercise …).  You will be pleasantly surprised by how little it costs to use taxis in Puerto Vallarta; the price is usually 3 or 4 dollars.


Onsite Amenities & Easy Maintenance – This is an advantage in common with condos in general, but it’s worth noting that hillside condos in Puerto Vallarta do include a broad range of onsite amenities, including central yard space, large pools, lounge areas and sometimes items such as gyms.  This makes retirement convenient as well since it means that it’s not necessary to go out to enjoy a relaxing day in Puerto Vallarta’s warm weather.

When planning your retirement in Puerto Vallarta, consider the option of hillside condos.

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