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While beachfront condos and golf course homes most certainly have their appeal, there are also enough of us who fall in love with the other side of Mexico – the old colonial cities and the thoroughly Mexican towns hidden in the country’s hilly highlands. The following are some locations you might consider for a Mexico home for sale if you are interested in the “real” Mexico.

Merida & other Yucatan Cities - Yucatan real estate is often specifically associated with the thriving tourism hubs of Cancun and the Riviera Maya – beautiful locations to say the least!  Yet, only a few hours away is the large colonial city of Merida which has become home to a growing number of expats looking for a walk-everywhere lifestyle surrounded by beautiful architecture and a living culture reflecting hundreds of years of tradition.  Merida is only 30 minutes away from the beach.


Lake Chapala While Lake Chapala real estate, located in the center of the country, only an hour away from Guadalajara (Mexico’s second largest city), has become one of the most popular retirement locations for North Americans outside of the U.S., it’s a place where expats and locals live comfortably together sharing the old cobble-stone roads lined with quaint homes.


San Miguel de Allende – A little further to the north-east, this town has become an established favorite for Americans and Canadians.  Ironically, this fact has helped it to preserve its original character; as many other towns in the country modernize, Mexicans and Americans alike have come to appreciate the value of the town’s colonial character and have worked to preserve both the visual and cultural aspects.


Mazatlan – Mazatlan is unique in that it’s the only larger colonial city directly on the beachfront.  Here, residents can buy an old colonial, and actually walk to the Pacific oceanfront to enjoy walks in the sand and watersports.


Zihuatanejo – This is the sister town of the resort development of Ixtapa; while Ixtapa is modern, Zihuatanejo is an old fishing town where many traditional festivals still have very vibrant life.  The town is also famous as the place because of the movie The Shawshank Redemption where Red and Andy escape to at the end of the story.


Valle de Bravo  - This lakefront town with cobblestone roads is about 2 hours from Mexico City, and is a favorite for the city’s upper middle class.  For this reason it has good tourism infrastructure (and a comfortable lifestyle) yet it is still undiscovered by international buyers – which means prices are still low!

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