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How would you define your top beaches?  We’ve been working to define the beaches in the Riviera Maya, and here’s the criteria we’ve been using. How does this compare to yours?

Soft, Warm Sand – While beaches are nice for sitting on a lounge chair, we all like to take off our sandals and actually walk in the sand.  This is best when you don’t have to worry about sharp rocks, and you can enjoy fine, soft sand between your toes.  Most beaches in the Riviera Maya meet this point.


Warm Water – Of course, while you’re walking, you’ll want to get a little closer to the water’s edge and feel the water lapping up against your feet.  This is no good if the water is so cold that it gives you a cramp; no worries about this in the Riviera Maya, where the water is warm and nice even for swimming all year round.


Beautiful Views - While we are relaxing on the lounge chair, or even while we’re walking, we like to enjoy the views.  The white sand and the turquoise water of the Riviera Maya are very important features in this aspect, as are the palm trees and surrounding jungle.


Warm Weather – This again is an aspect which the Riviera Maya on the whole enjoys; average temperatures are around 75 degrees.  Cooler winter days are around 63/64.  The locals get their winter jackets and wool hats out.  Year round warm weather means that beautiful, nice beaches can be enjoyed even in January.


Relaxation – A good example of this aspect is Playa Paraiso Beach on the Riviera Maya.  While offering beautiful surrounding nature, it also offers resort amenities, like pools and restaurants making it easy to enjoy the beach in whatever way you enjoy best.  Relaxation depends a lot on taste, but it’s important that the atmosphere and set up of the beach is conducive to some person’s taste.


Activities – Most people like to do something near the beach, whether it’s camping, fishing, jet-skiing or enjoying drinks a bar, a good beach should have some kind of activity options.


Access – Even if it’s the best beach in the world, it doesn’t do anyone much good if you can’t there.  Whether it’s a resort with valet parking and golf cart rides to the park, or a dirt road, people need to be able to get there.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone knows about it …

So how does this compare to your criteria?  If you don’t have your own, consider coming down to the Riviera Maya and becoming a beach connoisseur!

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