Rita Sheese, cozumel Broker By Rita Sheese

Of all the main Mexico real estate locations throughout the country, there is something unique about Cozumel real estate; it is the only location which is fully an island paradise, while still offering you the full comforts of modern living for your Mexico retirement.

Cozumel is an island Paradise retirement because:

  • Its beaches are splendid – The beaches are beautiful; they are wide, the sand is white and very fine and soft on the feet.  The water of the Caribbean is a bright turquoise.  Retirement next to one of the island’s beaches is by its very nature relaxing.  Whether you enjoy relaxing in the sand, wading in the water, swimming or sitting on a lounge chair, sipping a cold drink, Cozumel’s beaches leave nothing to be desired.


  • The island is very natural – The beachfront paradise is completed by the surrounding natural paradise, first with the palms lining the sandy beaches, then by dense, lush jungle.  Just about the entire island is covered with nature, and all the places where people like to retire have trees and nature integrated into residential communities.  Living in such a natural setting also offers health benefits for retirement.


  • Mayan ruins can be found throughout the island Part of the beauty of the awe-inspiring beaches and the lush jungles is the fact that these have been home to the Mayan people since ancient times; in fact, it is one of the only communities that have been continually inhabited along the Mexican Caribbean since pre-Hispanic times.  Deep in the island’s jungle, residents can enjoy visiting the pyramids that these same people’s ancestors built hundreds of years ago.


  • It is near the world’s second largest coral reef – Those who enjoy an active retirement in close contact with nature will also enjoy the benefits of the Caribbean Sea, which include the world’s second largest coral reef.  This reef is excellent for diving and snorkeling to experience this natural wonder first hand!  It is one thing to see the coral reef from the outside, but it is another thing to be in the middle of it, quite literally “submersed” in its bright colors teeming with rich life.

Cozumel is also ideal in terms of modern services, offering:

  • An international airport – Many retirees enjoy visits back home, or at least like if family can have easy access to visit (and trust me, once you’re on Cozumel, family suddenly finds much more time to visit!)  The international airport on the island makes access direct and affordable.  The nearby Cancun International Airport (about 2 hours away) is very well connected offer additional options.


  • Large stores & shopping options – The island’s tourism has brought large, modern stores for grocery shopping, clothing, furniture and other items.  There are also excellent restaurants, cafes and specialty shops for jewelry, local artwork, tobacco and much more.


  • Modern health care – Cozumel offers a modern, private hospital as well as several good options in smaller private clinics.  One of the best parts about it is that the prices are low – often as much as 70% lower than in the U.S.


  • Close ferry access to Playa del Carmen – Any services than cannot be found in Cozumel are readily accessible in Playa del Carmen, a 45 boat ride away.  Retirees often also like to visit Fifth Avenue with its many shops and restaurants.  There are also affordable, direct flights to Cancun which is a mid-sized modern city with lots of malls and larger stores, as well as a variety of top-of-the-line hospitals.

Cozumel is an ideal island paradise for retirement – not only because it is a natural Caribbean Island, but also because it offers modern services conducive to comfortable retirement.

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Region: Cozumel Real Estate by Rita Sheese is the Cozumel AMPI chapter president. She is also a member of the Cozumel Urban Planning Commission and Foundation for Strategic Planning for the Caribbean Island. She began her career in Property Management and Real Estate Sales since 1985. (512)-879-6546

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