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When people think of Yucatan real estate, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the beautiful old colonial homes of the city of Merida; while this is an excellent option, nearby towns (starting about 30 minutes away) offer excellent choices in both Mexico beachfront for sale and Mexico rentals for vacations or long term.


Real Estate Options on the Yucatan Beachfront


Traditional Homes - The towns along the beachfront are newer than the colonial city of Merida, but are nevertheless fairly old, established towns.   It's been fairly common among the area's small expat community to buy some of the more traditional, older homes and fix them up.   Of course, there are also fully restored homes of this sort available as well.   These homes offer a nice balance between traditional Mexico and the beachfront lifestyle that many expats look for.

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Modern Condos - The beachfront also offers modern condo complexes with pools and balconies overlooking the sand.   These offer modern beachfront comfort combined with small-town relaxation that is not easily found in many of the busier tourist centers.


Lots - This is an attractive option since it allows buyers to enjoy a quiet, small-town lifestyle while still having custom home built that is designed and tailored to their tastes.   Lots can be found for reasonable prices, fairly near the beach, and sometimes even next to the sand.   While value is likely to stay fairly stable, the main draw is the prospect of owning a custom home on the beach in a place where relaxation is simply a way of life.


Rentals on the Beachfront

For those who are not yet ready to commit to buying, there is also the option of renting.   Of course, rentals can come in the form of all the home styles mentioned above - restored old homes, modern homes and condos.   Since it is fairly common for the expats who live here to spend only part of the year, some offer their properties up for rental when they are away.   There are also rental listings for the area which allow vacationers or even long-term renters to choose from a variety properties.   Of course, like real estate prices, rental prices are very accessible.


While some expats may view rental as an alternative to buying, it's also possible to combine the two; a buyer rents while they take their time to find that ideal property for their needs.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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