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The beaches in the Riviera Maya are defined by 2 main styles; one is the upscale, ritzy resorts, and the other is the very natural, rustic locations out of town.  But is it possible to have the best of both?  Yes, in fact, it is, as Caleta Yal-Ku, Akumal demonstrates.

This beach is a beautiful example of how you can have a very rustic beach with natural surroundings with modern luxury in a nice resort setting.

Caleta Yal-ku is located just outside the village of Akumal, which is a quaint village, full of nature.  Caleta Yal-ku itself is even more natural than Akumal.  It shares the same very wide beaches, which are white, soft, warm and wide; the water is that special turquoise that can only be found in a few of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Caleta Yal-ku also includes a small, narrow bay which is more rugged, full of smooth rocks.  The bay is an ideal place to snorkel and see the tropical fish in clear, clean water.  The rugged texture and shape of the bay offers a perfect balance to the straight, flat, soft beaches surrounding it.

All of this is surrounded by lush green jungle, virtually untouched and intact the way it always has been.  Besides the beauty of the foliage, there is also wildlife, including many colorful birds.  So far, Caleta Yal-ku sounds like an isolated jungle paradise – which it is, except that …

It also includes a beautiful resort.  The resort is also rustic in appearance and set up; there are cabins with thatched roofs and nature surrounds everything.  Yet there is also a beach club with a beautiful pool and a restaurant, from which you can comfortably enjoy the views of the beach, the bay and the jungle.  While there are beautiful, modern rooms with the finest of furnishings, they are always near the splendid nature, not to mention offering wonderful views.

Caleta Yul-ku is the best of both worlds – and to make that even better, it is the best of both worlds in the Riviera Maya.  It is yet another demonstration of how beaches in the Riviera Maya offer a variety of styles for any tastes or lifestyle preference, or for your mood on any given day, if you have the privilege of living there.

If you have not yet explored the variety offered by the Riviera Maya, Caleta Yal-ku may be an excellent place to start!

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