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When I think about my favorite beaches in the Riviera Maya, one of the first to come to mind is Halfmoon Bay, Akumal.  There are many reasons why I love the beaches on this bay.  The following are a few of them.

It’s near Akumal – Akumal is a beautiful little, one-of-a-kind village.  It’s very quaint, very natural and yet upscale and nice.  You can enjoy local shops with thatched roofs that sell handicrafts and rustic patio cafes, yet there are beautiful homes and a nice resort.  Starting a beach visit in Akumal is always nice!


It’s very natural – Halfmoon Bay itself is very natural.  The wide beaches have plenty of soft white sand, with palm trees and the natural, green, lush foliage of the area behind them.  There is something simply refreshing about seeing a beach like this one.


It’s a great place for snorkeling – Because it’s so natural and because the bay is shallow it’s excellent for snorkeling and seeing tropical fish in the water.  Snorkeling is common and it’s easy to find a place to rent equipment.  Snorkeling is also great because …


There are lots of sea turtles – While the entire area is known for its sea turtles, there are a handful of places that are especially favorite for nesting areas and where turtles can be seen quite readily.  While there are clear guidelines on how to avoid disrupting their habitat or nesting, it’s also very easy to observe them and enjoy their beauty!


There’s a nice beach club and restaurant – This is part of what distinguishes Halfmoon Bay among the beaches in the Riviera Maya; while it’s very natural, it’s also nice and upscale.  For many visitors, this is the ideal balance.  The beach club is comfortable, nice and relaxing with a pool and lounge area.  The restaurant serves excellent food.


It’s upscale with nice homes – There are also beautiful homes for sale along the bay, which offer this same balance.  For those interested in retiring on the Riviera Maya or owning an upscale vacation home in an exclusive community that is in touch with nature, Halfmoon Bay could be a top choice.


The beaches are simply nice to look at and walk on – All of these factors simply make it a nice place to see, to walk in the sand or enjoy a cold drink on a lounge chair.  There’s something relaxing about being in a beautiful place!

So, these are some of my reasons for loving Halfmoon Bay.  Visit for yourself, and you’ll be sure to see others!

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