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When you prepare for your Mexico retirement in Yucatan, one of the most important steps you’ll take is the search for your ideal Yucatan real estate.  Alongside of this is the importance of setting up Mexico insurance to ensure you can enjoy retirement at ease and with peace of mind.  The following are some kind of insurance you might want to consider for your retirement in Yucatan.

Homeowners Insurance – Whether your property is an old colonial home in the heart of the old city of Merida, or a nice new condo on the beachfront, you will want to make sure it is properly protected by insurance.  Although prices are low in Yucatan, this will be the biggest investment for retirement, and it will give you peace of mind about this investment knowing that it’s protected.


Car Insurance – While a car-free lifestyle is possible in the heart of Merida, many retirees still prefer to have a car on hand for outings and just for convenience, especially if they are in the smaller beachfront towns north of the city.  Like most other kinds of insurance, car insurance for Mexico will be cheaper than back home.


Watercraft Insurance – The beachfront is only a 20 minute drive away from the city of Merida, and towns like Progreso are directly on the beachfront not far from the city.  In both cases, it’s common for residents to keep boats.  Insuring your watercraft allows you to use it and store it feeling secure that this valuable lifestyle asset isn’t at risk.


Medical Insurance – Merida is home to a number of excellent state-of-the-art hospitals.  While prices tend to be 50-70% lower than in the U.S., it’s still sometimes nice to have insurance coverage just in case.   Insurance is often much less expensive as well, but each retiree can investigate prices and decide if it’s worth the monthly premiums.


Travel Insurance – To save money, some of the other insurance types can be found to cover you locally.  In this case, if you are traveling to other parts of Mexico, or out of the country, you should find good travel insurance that covers you wherever you are going for the various needs you may have.

There are good insurance companies which work from the U.S. but have direct connections with companies that offer complete, easy-to-use coverage in Yucatan.  Shop around, talk with your real estate agent and make sure you have acceptable insurance coverage.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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