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As I was relaxing in the resort on warm, sunny afternoon (well, all of them are warm and sunny here), I started thinking of the best words to describe Bahia Principe real estate.  The phrase I settled on was “the finest.”  It’s simply the finest of just about everything that people come to the beach for.  Let me explain.

It’s the finest beachfront. Tulum’s beaches, like the rest of the Riviera Maya, have soft, white sand, and the Caribbean beyond is that trademark turquoise.  Yet the ones in Tulum, (where Bahia Principe is located) are especially perfected examples of this.  They are naturally just the idea width (= very wide) slopping very gently and far into the sea making it pleasant to wade in the water.  The surrounding tropical nature is also part of the perfection.


It’s the finest golf. Bahia Principe’s golf course forms part of the entire region’s role as Latin America’s golf capital, joining together with about 12 other courses, and more on the way.  Within this special location, Bahia Principe is certainly among the finest with 28 holes designed by Robert Trent Jones II.  Just as importantly, it has a golf academy with a 9-hole practice course for those just beginning to get into golf.


It’s the finest quality real estate.  Right next to these beautiful fairways nestled in the beautiful jungle surroundings are upscale, modern complexes of condos and homes.  Residents enjoy the best quality of modern design for comfort and visual appeal, with features such as pools, lounge areas and green areas landscaped to match (almost!) the beauty of the course itself.  Surprisingly accessible prices also point to good investment potential.


It’s the finest resort experience. Bahia Principe resort is a 5 star resort complex that includes a very fine beach club, bars, restaurants, large pools, sports facilities (tennis, soccer, gym, etc.), waterfront sports (kayaking, diving, etc.) and much more.  Sounds like a vacation, doesn’t it?  That’s precisely what living here is like – being on vacation, all the time.


It’s the finest balance between comfort and nature. – All of this high-quality modern comfort and convenience is integrated into the area’s beautiful Mayan jungle, so that pure nature is enjoyed from the comfort we are used to, and even better.

So, considering these and other factors, I concluded that “the finest” is simply … well, the finest way to describe the life Bahia Principe real estate offers.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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