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Inflated prices to go with an established name are the last thing an investor is looking for, and many buyers seem to have the impression that this is the case for resort real estate.  Yet, in the case of Bahia Principe real estate there’s something many people who are looking for that next big investment opportunity miss – perhaps one of the biggest real estate “investment secrets” that’s almost seems too obvious after you hear it.

What is that secret?  Investing in real estate that is backed by full and complete amenities, services and community image not only guarantees security but also an advantage in future value.

This point is highly important when evaluating the investment potential of Bahia Principe. This resort complex is already fully developed in terms activities and services, including:

  • A professionally designed 18-hole golf course
  • A golf academy with a 9-hole practice course
  • A sports complex
  • Restaurants, bars & clubs
  • A beach club
  • Beachfront activities (kayaking, etc.)
  • Hotels, pools & beautiful landscaping

This full resort setting is not something that could be repeated by any new development in any short time.  This established development serves as a kind of “protective” moat around your investment; if you invest in a development within Bahia Principe, you can rest assured that few if any other developments will have immediate access to this kind of infrastructure.   It takes years to develop.

What does this mean for you as an investor?

One point is that as Tulum’s boom continues, you will be holding a property that already holds full potential for resale.  When the right moment comes, you will be able to resell, and not have to “wait it out” for the infrastructure to be completed.  If resale is your goal, this situation gives you the most control over your investment.

If you are looking at rental, a condo or home in a well-developed resort likewise holds high rental potential immediately; again, this means you won’t be waiting for surrounding amenities to materialize before you can capitalize on optimal rental rates.

While many real estate buyers think of investment in terms of finding some hidden secret that other people wouldn’t notice, you have to be careful that you don’t “miss the forest because of all the trees.” This is one “secret” that offers protection and good investment potential, and may often be too obvious to be noticed.  It’s also one of the top reasons to invest in Bahia Principe real estate.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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