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The is part of a story which a recent Yucatan real estate buyer shared with me in his experience buying a Yucatan home for sale and seeing transform into the home of his dreams – a “before and after” story.

 “When I decided to buy in Mexico, I wanted a real Mexico home, something that captured the culture of this beautiful country.  At the same time wanted to live in comfort.  I found the balance ideal for me when a friend of a friend – an agent who works in the Merida area of Yucatan – presented the option of a restored/renovated colonial home that could include modern features like air conditioning.  I looked at some pictures online and fell in love with the idea.

So I went down and took a tour with this agent. We looked at a few fixer-upper options.  I have to be honest, they looked “classic” and everything, but my first thought was actually, “Can I really make something out of a place like this?”  Old wooden doors sometimes held in place with iron work and rooms that looked like they hadn’t been painted - well, in centuries.  The prices were right (VERY low!), but I couldn’t help but to express my doubt.

The agent offered to take me to see some places that were in better condition – higher prices, of course – or to go and take a look at what some other expats had done with similar places.  Being a bit of an adventurer, I choose option 2. …

 I was impressed when I saw what others had done in the same neighborhood.  The agent guided me through the process of getting an inspection to make sure the structure was sound, etc.  He also pointed me to an architect to oversee the renovation.

Of course, I had to invest almost as much into the renovation as I did into buying the home, but even then it was SUPER cheap for what I got in the end – a classic, beautiful Mexican home with a nicely painted façade, elegant iron work, brand new wooden doors, treated and properly installed (no longer held in place by other things!) on a beautiful classic style and a courtyard with a fountain, with nice garden areas and elegant tile work – very Mexican!

At the same time, I had air conditioning installed, modern electric wiring – all installed in a way that it doesn’t take away from the style – just what I was looking for!

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