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Reviewing your possibilities in Tulum real estate, you may notice that there are no property listings on the beachfront.  This may lead you to wonder if there are properties available or not.  While there are few or no properties available directly on the beachfront in the town of Tulum, there are very attractive properties only a walk or a short bike ride away.  The following are some of the advantages of the currently properties that are in this kind of location.

Close to the Beach – This is the first and foremost of the attractions of these properties.  The beach is a comfortable walk or a short bike ride away.  Tulum’s beaches are among the most beautiful in the world, and many well-travelled beach lovers consider them the most beautiful.  It is one thing to visit these beaches once or twice on vacation, it is another thing to own the closest properties available!


Close to the Town Center – The fact that the properties are not directly on the beachfront means that they are actually closer to the town center itself, which is also within walking distance.  Tulum’s town center is quaint and small.  It offers nice restaurants, a variety of shops and basic services such as supermarkets and banks.


Near Protected Natural Areas – As of 2011, the Tulum National Park was confirmed to be fully protected against development.  The developments between the town center and the beach are right next to this park, and are therefore guaranteed to be close to beautiful natural areas, where the area’s lush Mayan jungles are preserved as they have been for centuries.  This not only adds value, but also an element of relaxation.


Future Resort Development – The beachfront area nearest the town is one of two styles – either the protected natural areas mentioned above, or resorts.  The resorts can come in the form of eco-hotels and boutique resorts, but also in large full-scale resort complexes complete with golf courses and shopping areas.  Resort development directly on the beachfront means that residents nearby will enjoy a very relaxing and pleasant walk to the beach, not to mention more amenities!


Exclusive Locations – All of these factors combined make the existing developments on the way to the beach exclusive, suggesting excellent future value.  Few locations in the area – in Tulum or otherwise – offer such close access to a variety of services and amenities.

Ask an agent to talk about and view some property options near Tulum’s beachfront.  While the properties are not directly overlooking the sand, you are sure to find theme surprisingly attractive!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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