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Tulum real estate is currently a booming market drawing attention from a broader range of buyers.  While Tulum land for sale was the original favorite for investors, and is still considered the favored property type, Tulum condos for sale have a definite appeal of their own.  The following differences will help each buyer decide which is the option most suitable for them.

More Control vs. Hands-Off

Like anywhere else, if you buy land you have more control about how you build, style, etc. This is appealing to many buyers who have a specific concept in mind and prefer to undertake a project themselves.  Of course, there are builders and architects in Tulum who can take care of the entire project according the buyer’s needs.

Buying a condo is hands-off.  In Tulum, most condos tend to come with pools and lounge areas, sometimes with gyms and other bonuses.


Flexibility vs. Maintenance Taken Care Of

Closely related is the difference between maintenance styles.  Those who buy a lot and build will have to take care of all maintenance themselves.  Some buyers like this flexibility since they can choose how much they want of any given type of work done.  Also, everything from house painters to gardeners (not to mention maids or cooks) offer services for surprisingly prices in Tulum.

Of course, the appeal of a condo is that maintenance of all public areas is taken care of, and owners have less to arrange or think about.


Eco Development vs. Urban Development

While this is a fairly broad generalization, land is often available in more nature-oriented development with an emphasis on ecology.  Many developments offer large lots and spacious green areas to preserve the area’s natural setting and integrate it with the day-to-day life of the residents.  Condos tend to be available in a more urban sort of style.  Yet, even most condo developments have plenty of vegetation.  Tulum as a whole has a strong culture for an eco-lifestyle.


Investment Chunks vs. Payment Plans

Land developments in Tulum sometimes offer payment plans, but these are short-term.  The advantage is that a buyer can buy their lot now, later invest in construction and then in final details like a pool.   This means they can invest in their property in smaller chunks over a time that is suitable for their budget.

Condos in Tulum usually have payment plans based on construction, or completed units offer financing (mortgages, etc.)  It’s becoming more and more common to allow buyers to combine the two.

Each buyers should consult with a qualified broker, experienced in the Tulum area to help them decide which is the best option for them.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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