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When you choose to buy Puerto Vallarta real estate for your retirement, you are buying much more than just a property; you are buying a complete lifestyle.  Consider some of the lifestyle features you will enjoy if you own Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale.

Beautiful beaches

Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are gorgeous.  The sand is soft, the water is warm and they are very spacious.  There’s no way to relax during retirement like a walk on the beach every morning (not to mention every afternoon and evening as well!)  This Pacific beachfront is like few others.  Visiting Puerto Vallarta is wonderful, Puerto Vallarta retirement is paradise.

Beautiful views

The views from beachfront condos and homes includes not only the sand of the beaches and the bright blue of the Pacific Ocean but also the mountains surrounding the Bay of Banderas on which the city is located, adding something ruggedly awe-inspiring to the scenery.  And of course, you can’t forget about the sunsets over the Pacific where the large sun sets the sky and the Ocean on fire.


Shopping & dining

Puerto Vallarta’s beachfront area includes several shopping, dining and nightlife areas, including both trendy, downtown tourist districts and modern, new shopping centers.  It’s important during retirement to be able to treat yourself to a nice dinner out, a shopping spree or a few drinks with some good friends – whenever you want it!


Warm, sunny weather – Puerto Vallarta’s average annual temperature is 72 degrees.  Even winter is comfortably warm.  There is sunshine 300 days of the year.  Whether you spend your retirement days walking on the sand of the beaches, practicing yoga, enjoying Puerto Vallarta’s excellent dining and shopping or a combination of these, the warm weather makes it that much more pleasant.  For retirement, it’s often also a question of health – cold winters simply get too hard on the joints.


Neighbors from back home – Puerto Vallarta’s beachfront area is the center of one of the largest group of expats from the U.S. and Canada.  You will have several neighbors from back home to make settling into a new country easier. The locals are also very friendly, and many speak English.


A relaxing, laid-back community – People in Puerto Vallarta – whether expats or local Mexicans – are very relaxed.  It won’t take long for you to realize that what you used to think of as “relaxing” is nothing in comparison …

If you are considering retirement on Puerto Vallarta’s beachfront, remember that it is an entire lifestyle.  Once you arrive and start enjoying life here, you’ll never forget it!

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