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Around the world there are many beautiful beachfront areas.  With flights going everywhere and the world getting smaller all the time, it’s perfectly imaginable to go out and find the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Consider the beaches in the Riviera Maya (the area stretching from Cancun to Tulum) and the features which make them excellent candidates to be the best beaches to be found, anywhere.

White Sand, Turquoise Water – The beaches are, simply put, picture perfect.  In fact, when you see them in person, you will realize that those perfect shots on postcards and on the internet don’t quite do them justice.  The sand is a pure white – not to mention soft and wide – and the water is a bright turquoise.


Warm Weather, All the Time – The average temperature is about 75 degrees year round.  The days are almost invariably sunny and warm.  Cold winter nights get down almost to 60 sometimes; locals get out their winter jackets.   Most northerners do well with shorts and sandals almost all of the time.  There’s nothing like enjoying the beach in January.


Modern Conveniences – Along the beaches of the Riviera Maya, there are 2 small cities (Cancun and Playa del Carmen) a town (Tulum) and several villages.  In these communities there are international stores, shopping malls, boutiques, good hospitals, golf courses, movie theaters and much more.


Lush, Green Nature, All Around – At the same time, most of the Riviera Maya’s beaches are still surrounded by the area’s lush, green sub-tropical jungle.  Palm trees, dense vegetation and lots of beautiful wildlife (colorful birds, monkeys, etc.) define the landscape, adding to the relaxation.  Even in town, there is a good deal of vegetation beautifying the beaches.


Variety of Styles – Of course, this points to a variety of beachfront styles.   Beaches like Mamitas in Playa del Carmen are trendy, with upscale clubs and live music festivals.  Other beaches, like Xcacel, just north of Tulum, are very rustic and almost secret, marked on the highway only by a little hut for security.


Easy Access – Cancun International Airport offers direct access to all major locations throughout North America, and many locations throughout Europe.  A well maintained highway runs from the airport parallel to the entire beachfront right to Tulum.


Low Costs – Everything from flights to food to real estate is very well priced in the Riviera Maya.  While this makes little difference in the beauty of the beaches, it certainly helps to know that the most beautiful beaches in the world are within your price range.

It’s this combination which makes these beaches so attractive for visitors as well as those looking for a new home in Paradise.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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