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So, you’re planning a Mexico retirement?  Perhaps you’ve wondered how feasible it would be to retire directly on the beachfront in Playa del Carmen, for example.  Consider the following items, such as the prices of Playa del Carmen beachfront for sale, to help you decide if this location is within your means.

The Cost of Living – The fact of the matter is that Playa del Carmen retirement is affordable.  Everything from groceries to annual property taxes is very low.  There is an excellent, state-of-the-art hospital where healthcare can be found for as much as 50-70% lower than prices in the U.S.   Flights to and from back home are also very low priced, and usually direct flights can be found daily.  This is an important factor to consider since it frees up funds to invest in your dream property; the good news is you really won’t need to use your extra funds – it will just be getting that much more luxury that you would back home.


The Cost of Real Estate – Real estate in Playa del Carmen is generally priced significantly lower than properties in similar locations throughout the U.S. or in many other parts of the world.  A condo on the beachfront will cost somewhat more than properties a few blocks back, but it will be significantly cheaper than beachfront retirement options back home.


Properties Back from the Beach – It is also worth considering the option of properties a couple of blocks back from the beach.  While the beach is still within very comfortable walking distance, prices tend to be noticeably lower.  For many buyers, it’s worth the trade off.


Rental Potential – On the other hand, for those who prefer a direct beachfront location, these properties tend to have the highest rental potential.  Especially for retirees who will be using their property only part of the year, this is an important factor that can balance many of the expenses of owning a beachfront property.


Convenience & Saved Expenses - Many beachfront locations in Playa del Carmen are also very close to Playa del Carmen’s best shopping and dining areas.  Many retirees who choose such locations don’t need a private vehicle and save funds in this area. This means more can be invested into the property itself.

These factors considered, you as a retiree will be able to decide if the beachfront is the best location for you, or if you prefer to consider other locations such as golf courses or gated communities.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


Region: Campeche Real Estate. Thomas Lloyd graduated from Purdue University Krannert School of Management with a degree in Management/Financial Option Investments. He has been living, investing, and working professionally in Mexico for over 15 years. A Mexican Certified Realtor he is the current president of TOPmexicorealestate, you can contact him at (512) 879-6546.

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