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When most people are exposed to the Tulum real estate market, the first option that gets the most attention is Tulum land for sale.  Land definitely has many advantages in Tulum; yet, there are also many excellent reasons to consider Tulum condos for sale.  Consider the following strengths of each property type when you make your choice.

Tulum land

  • Growing market – Tulum is the Mexican Caribbean’s third and current boom town, following the success of Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  In booming markets land usually holds the best potential for appreciation as the community grows along with the demand for new properties.  There is a good probability that the total cost of building a home in Tulum will cost significantly less than future value of the same home.
  • Build a home the way you like it – Tulum has a growing culture for ecological luxury.  A growing number of builders are offering high-quality design and construction that combines excellent visual appeal, comfortable layout and modern finishes with sustainability and respect for the environment.  The best part is that the home will be exactly as you dream of it!
  • Many options available – Since the town is small, and development is just beginning to open up new areas, land is plentiful and buyers can choose from a good variety of options, styles, sizes and locations – everything from upscale land developments in the town center with full infrastructure and shopping areas, to off-the-grid ecological lots out in the jungle.

Tulum Condos

  • Appreciation Potential – While land holds the highest potential, condos also show good signs of cashing in on Tulum’s boom.  2012, for example, is the international “Year of the Mayans” and the huge wave attention on places like Tulum (with its beachfront ruins) is almost sure to bring even more interest to the real estate market.


  • Hassle-free buying – Like condos anywhere, one of the beauties is that you can buy, own and enjoy your property with a minimal amount of attention on preparing it.  Not only can you enjoy the property upon delivery, but maintenance of common areas and shared structure saves time.


  • Rental market demand – In Tulum, there is currently more demand for rental properties than properties available.  This means those who buy condos now will have an advantage on the market.  This factor could likewise lead to increased future value.


Both options are excellent, and in both cases, you will enjoy a relaxing lifestyle near one of the world’s best beaches, in harmony with nature with year-round warm weather.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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