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One of the beauties of buying Puerto Vallarta real estate is the variety of locations available.   Even within Mexico beachfront for sale in the area, there are many communities stretching out along the Bay of Banderas which American and Canadian buyers may consider.


The areas where good Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale can be considered include the following:

Conchas Chinas - This area, at the south of the Greater Puerto Vallarta Area, has been called the “Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta.”   It is a very upscale and exclusive community.   There are homes for sale on the beachfront here, but the area tends to be pricier (although still very accessible compared to similar areas in U.S. cities.)   The community is located completely on a hillside, and the roads winding up the hill make for a very picturesque view.

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The Old Town - This charming section of Puerto Vallarta is the original town, with narrow, cobble-stone roads and little white, red-clay-roofed homes.   Besides being quaint and picturesque, beachfront condo owners have direct access to the Malecon - the trendy shopping and dining area along the waterfront - as well as Olas Altas, another similar area a short walk away.   Both areas have   thriving nightlife.

- Although marina condos are not “beachfront” in the strict sense, they are only a walk way.   What's more the beautiful views of the waterways are also very attractive.   Puerto Vallarta's marina development includes upscale shopping and excellent dining as well, not to mention an exclusive community setting.   It's also a dream for boat lovers; there are excellent routes to follow along Mexico's Pacific.


Nuevo Vallarta - This is the “new” part of Puerto Vallarta, which is actually across a state line (Nayarit instead of Jalisco) and in a different time zone, officially; unofficially, all residents just set their clocks to Puerto Vallarta's time zone.   It is a newer style of neighborhood with many modern condos and shopping areas.   It's currently a favorite for Americans and Canadians.


Huanacaxtle, etc. - Heading north-west along the Bay from Nuevo Vallarta there is a series of very small communities where beachfront condos and homes have beautiful views of the city, not to mention the beaches and mountains.   These communities are only a short drive to shopping and services yet offer the quiet lifestyle of small towns.


Each of these areas has appeal for a different style of buyer.   Buying beachfront in Puerto Vallarta isn't simply one choice, but a variety of choices.


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