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When you choose to own a home in Yucatan real estate, your main options are to buy a completed Yucatan home for sale or invest in Yucatan land for sale and have a home built, with some variety in the middle.  When making this choice, consider the following preferences.


Preference for Beachfront – Beachfront is the most popular real estate choice in Mexico.  Yucatan has many excellent options for beachfront real estate, including beautiful new homes, older traditional homes and lots for sale.  One of the favorites for people looking at Yucatan’s north coast is older homes to fix up.  As a consequence, there are also fully-renovated old homes ready to enjoy.  However, the most common choice for people looking at this area remains a project-related option, whether it’s a renovation project or a building project on a lot.


Preference for Colonials – If you prefer colonials, you’ll probably also be leaning towards a fixer-upper project, but in the city of Merida rather than on the beachfront.  Again, fully-restored colonials are available.   Since land in/near the historic center of Merida is rare, so building isn’t an option that works too well for those who prefer the colonial lifestyle offered by this romantic old city.  There is a certain charm that a colonial lifestyle offers that simply can’t be imitated by new plans and developments.


Preference for the Country – The countryside in Yucatan surrounding Merida or near the beachfront towns is an ideal place for those who like to buy land and build.  Large parcels of beautiful countryside are available for hobby farms or simply a relaxing place to live.  A related option is that of the haciendas with beautiful old colonial homes on them.  These usually also require a restoration and landscaping project to convert abandoned homes of the upper-class of the past into a livable and relaxing place truly away from it all.


Preference for Ready-to-Go – Some buyers simply prefer ready to go.  The ease of buying a home that is ready to move into and enjoy is simply more appealing to this kind of buyer that having to carry out a project before being able to enjoy the new property.  Merida and the beachfront area do offer ready-to-use homes, and there is no need to buy a fixer-upper (even if you want a colonial) or land (even if you want a personal “estate.”)

These guidelines will help you see where you should start looking in Yucatan based on your own preferences.  Be sure to communicate your preference clearly to your agent so they can help you look for the most suitable property type and location.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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