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There are many different ways of searching for Mexico land for sale in Cozumel.  However, there are certain Mexico real estate tools out there for the smart Cozumel real estate buyer which make the search more organized, easier to use and, in the end, more efficient.  Consider the following tools:

Well-organized listings – First of all, you will need to find good listings that allow you to search only the lots for sale on the island of Cozumel, well-organized by price.  Good listing services will also have detailed descriptions and map locations so you have a pretty good ideal what you are looking at and where it is.  Cozumel offers a variety of lots for residential and commercial purposes, both for individual homes and for larger-scale projects.  Good listings will be an essential starting point.


Listing bookmarks – Once you have found listings that are well-organized and thorough, it will also be helpful to have bookmarks available where you can save those Cozumel listings in a user account.  As much as we think we remember what caught our attention, it’s happened to all of us that the next day when we go back to search for something, we just can find it again.  Bookmarks help you organize your search from the very beginning and save time.


Deals, price reductions and discounts – While Cozumel has a fairly stable real estate market, there are price reductions and urgent sales to be found.  There are also pre-sale discounts on new lots in developments.  While all of these could be found just browsing regular lot listings, it’s easier to find them if there is a special listing page dedicated to this kind of deals.  Such listing pages are available online.


Spot-light Developments – When new land developments are opened, it’s nice to be able to see these in one easy place, especially if you are looking for the nicest and trendiest neighborhoods to buy your land in.  Again, you should be able to find such special highlights, either off to the side of the regular listing page, or on a page to itself.


E-mail notifications – For any of the items mentioned above, you should be able to set up an e-mail notification so you are the first to know when any of the above items turn up, whether it’s a new lot in the $60,000 price range, or a new development on the north end of the island.

Using these tools, your real estate search can be off to the right start.

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Region: Cozumel Real Estate by Rita Sheese is the Cozumel AMPI chapter president. She is also a member of the Cozumel Urban Planning Commission and Foundation for Strategic Planning for the Caribbean Island. She began her career in Property Management and Real Estate Sales since 1985. (512)-879-6546

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