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Almost everyone knows that Tulum land for sale is a good investment; but what about Tulum’s ecological real estate options?  Is this a good investment too, or is it a just a short-term trend?  Consider the following points that suggest that ecological land in Tulum is not only a great buy to feel good about what you are doing, but actually an excellent investment.

It offers real savings

In the initial investment, costs will be about the same.  The cost of land in an ecological land development costs about the same as other places; often, the lots are considerably larger, however.  Building an environment-friendly home that works on alternative energy will cost approximately the same as having a nice home built otherwise, with only minor extra costs.  In fact, having an eco-home built (including the cost of the land) will cost less than buying a complete home of similar size and quality, especially if it’s on  a large lot.  The biggest savings will come from energy use, which will be next to nothing – only occasional maintenance.

Tulum’s cultural focus is ecology

Tulum’ main focus is ecology.  When the village started growing after tourists from Cancun discovered the beautiful pyramid site overlooking the sand of the beaches, the first tourism that grew was a strip of eco-hotels near the beach that offered visitors the option of staying in a cabin without electricity right next to the most beautiful beaches in the world.  “Eco” in Tulum is what grabs people’s attention.

The “green” generation is only growing

The “green” trend in North America and Europe is only growing.  Just recently, baby boomers who remember a time in their lives that living a natural lifestyle was one of the most important themes have begun to take an interest in eco-luxury to live comfortably at the same time.  This is only the start – each following generation has had that much more focus on respecting the environment.

It’s a lifestyle investment

This is almost the same as saying it feels good to live a lifestyle that respects the environment, but there are some real facts that should be considered here as well.  Living in an eco-community is more relaxing. Relaxation has been proven to contribute to good health.  No studies are needed to talk about fresh, clean air in a place with plenty of vegetation.  Other than just feeling good, this as good as any “preventative medicine” to avoid future hospital bills.

Buying an eco-lot and building an environment-friendly home in Tulum is not just a feel-good move; it’s a real investment that will pay off in more ways than one.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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