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When most people choose to buy Yucatan real estate, the first option that comes to mind is an old colonial Yucatan home for sale in the city of Merida.  Yet there are also classic Mexico homes for sale in the nearby beachfront towns.  The following is a brief overview of advantages of each.

Colonial Homes in Merida

  • Larger Supply – Merida has Mexico’s second largest colonial city center, which has been very well preserved and kept up; this means that it will also offer a large number of colonial homes suitable for expat buyers.


  • Walk-Everywhere Lifestyle – The old colonial city of Merida is definitely a walk-everywhere sort of place.  Within short walking distance, there are shops, markets, parks, cafes, restaurants, bars, museums, libraries and much more.


  • Classic, Old-City Atmosphere - What’s more, with old, tree-lined streets and beautiful colonial architecture, the walk is very pleasant.  Musicians fill the streets with mariachi and other traditional Mexican music.  The whole setting demands relaxation.


  • Plenty of Culture – Besides the museums, there are concerts, art galleries and tours of the historic city. This aspect blends in with the old-city atmosphere to create a very pleasant lifestyle on the whole.
  • Many Expats – Merida is home to a large number of American, Canadian and European expats.  Something noteworthy about the community, however, is that it tends to be very blended with expats from many countries and local Mexicans likewise interacting on a daily basis.

Classic Beachfront Homes

  • Small-Town Atmosphere – The old homes on the beachfront of the nearby port towns offer something slightly different.  They too are relaxing, but in the context of a quiet small town on the oceanfront where nobody has ever quite understood the word “rush.”


  • Nearby Beach – Of course, one of the beauties is getting the best of both worlds – living in a classic old home while still being close to the beach.  This is an ideal combination of two of Mexico’s most sought-after lifestyles.


  • Small, Close-knit Expat Community – There are fewer expats, but the community is very close-knit, while still living in very close contact with the locals.



  • Short Drive to Merida – Merida and its attractions and services are only 30 minutes away!

Both certainly have their own unique appeal; any undecided buyer can easily work with an agent to visit some homes in both locations.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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