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If you are considering a Puerto Vallarta retirement, there are several approaches you can take in planning with regard to your Puerto Vallarta real estate.  One this is often overlooked is that of Puerto Vallarta land for sale, which offers some distinct benefits, including the following.


Invest in Chunks

If you buy land to build a home for your retirement, you can invest in chunks, allowing you the option of starting your retirement planning earlier, first buying the lot, then having the structure put up, then fixtures and finishes, and finally pools, etc.  Taking this approach means you also avoid the interest you would pay if you opted for a completed home on a mortgage.   Starting to plan for retirement early is important, and this approach allows you to get a head start.

Enjoy Excellent Views

Many lots in Puerto Vallarta are located on the hillside, offering splendid views of the Pacific Ocean, the beaches and the town itself.  While beachfront tends to be pricier in Puerto Vallarta, the views from the hillside are hands-down the most beautiful.

Build Your Retirement Home the Way You Want It

It’s also worth a good deal that you can design your home to take full advantage of these views.  Many people in Puerto Vallarta like the fold-away walls that offer an indoor-outdoor living style.  For retirees, it’s also an advantage to build single-story or with minimal stairs.  Space concepts, lay out and number of bedrooms can also be tailored to your specific retirement needs.


Overall Savings

Although land tends to be overlooked in Puerto Vallarta, it’s an option that still offers overall savings to retirees, after all is said and done, from buying the lot and the ground breaking, to hanging the last curtain and placing the last garden gnome.  Even though retirement is significantly less in Puerto Vallarta, saving is always important for retirement!

All the Benefits of Living in Puerto Vallarta

The general benefits of retiring in Puerto Vallarta are all still there – low cost of living, warm weather, walking distance to beaches, shopping and dining, and all sorts of activities ranging from historical sight-seeing to diving in the ocean.  Professional, world-class golf is a favorite for retirees in Puerto Vallarta.  Top-of-the-line health care is also available at excellent prices.

When you plan for your retirement in Puerto Vallarta, consider all property options available, but be sure not to exclude land from these options.  Talk to an experienced agent to explore what kind of land options are available.

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