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When people consider Cancun real estate, many people assume that the differences between a Cancun condo for sale and a Cancun home for sale are the same as anywhere else (i.e. differences between pricing, preferences for private space vs. shared complex amenities, etc.) While many of these differences are similar, there are a few factors which have shaped this market a little differently.  Let’s consider each of these real estate types to help us see the differences.


Condos for sale

This is the real estate type that most people are familiar with. Condos in Cancun are mostly high-rises.  There are several advantages to this fact, including:

Pricing – High-rise construction means that more units can be built on the same lot.  This saves developers large amounts – especially in a high-demand location like Cancun.  These savings get passed on to the condo buyer.

Services – Since high-rises will include more owners paying their monthly HOA fees, high-rises can afford to maintain more services like gyms, lounge areas and large pools.

Views – High-rises offer excellent views of the splendid turquoise of the Caribbean beachfront and the deep-sea blue beyond. Many condos include balconies, allowing residents to enjoy the views completely.

The vast majority if Cancun’s condos are located along the beachfront – the 30 mile strip jutting out known as the “Hotel Zone” where the most famous resorts, restaurants and bars are located geared entirely to tourists and expats.

Homes for sale

Many people who look at homes in Cancun also look at homes in this beachfront area; when they see the prices, they give up and look to condos.  What more and more buyers are noticing, however, is that beautiful homes are for sale in the downtown area.  Picturesque homes on streets lined with beautifully crafted shrubs and tall bushes bright and colorful with flowers like bougainvilleas.  Restaurants, quaint cafes, stores, malls, movie theaters and much more are within walking distance.  While downtown isn’t directly on the beachfront, the beach is only a short drive (or a very inexpensive taxi ride) away.

Another attractive feature about homes in Cancun is the prospect of buying a fixer-upper.  Buyers can own their dream home near the beach for a very low price, and have it fixed up and finished the way they like.

In the end, the two options share features like the beaches, warm weather year-round and a very low cost of living.  They are two distinct ways to enjoy life in paradise!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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