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When choosing the ideal place for your retirement, there are many locations at home and abroad that you may consider.  Yet, among these, Puerto Vallarta retirement stands out as one of best, and owning Puerto Vallarta real estate is one of the most feasible and ideal options.  The following are some of the features which make it the ideal retirement real estate option and community.

Beautiful Beaches

Retirement is the time that you treat yourself to that lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, so why not go all out?  Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are beautiful with soft sand and warm water.  Condos both directly on the beaches and up on the hillside offer excellent views of the beaches and the bright Pacific sunsets.  Hillside condos also offer spectacular views of surrounding mountains and the classic old town.

Warm Weather

After so many years of shoveling snow, the cold begins to get to your knees and other places, and the snow just isn’t romantic anymore.  This is one of the main reasons why many Americans and Canadians choose Mexico retirement. Imagine living in a place where the average year-round temperature is 72 degrees; this is Puerto Vallarta.  The weather is warm, sunny and comfortable – just about all the time.

Affordable Prices

Real estate in Puerto Vallarta is very well priced in comparison to any beachfront location of this quality.  Just as important, it’s well-priced in an absolute sense; there are nice real estate options for buyers on just about any budget.

Quaint Atmosphere

Not that long ago, Puerto Vallarta was a little fishing village tucked into a bay on the Pacific.  Since tourism grew over the past half-century, the cobble-stone roads and little white homes with red-tile roofs have been embellished with boutiques, nice cafes and international restaurants, offering a quaint atmosphere not found in many places.

Modern Services

As tourism grew, so did services, such as state-of-the-art hospitals, professional golf, shopping malls, large international stores and the like.  All of this has been added while the quaintness of the Old Town and other classic neighborhoods has just increased.

Close & Affordable Access Home

Puerto Vallarta’s international airport is well-connected and offers direct flights to all major airports in North America for very reasonable prices.  For retirees who go back and forth, or simply expect visits from friends and family (which, ironically, seem to increase once they live here,) this is a simple necessity.

Few places can offer a combination like this for a comfortable retirement.  For all retirees, Puerto Vallarta should be near the top of their retirement list.

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