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One of the nicest options to consider for retirement or for a vacation home in Mexico is the small lakefront towns in the country’s beautiful central highlands with its rolling hills.  Besides the famous option of Lake Chapala real estate there are also some lesser known towns in the Morelia real estate area that offer benefits of their own.

Lake Chapala (Ajijic and Chapala)

Lake Chapala is one of the all-time favorites for Americans and Canadians retiring in Mexico.  The lake includes a number of quaint, small towns (the main ones are called Ajijic and Chapala) which include cobble-stone roads and traditional little homes with red clay roofs.  The preferred location is just a little back from the lakefront where beautiful modern homes offer views of the old towns, the lake and the surrounding hills covered in fields and forests.

Favorite activities include the cafes, local art and craft shows, sailing, riding bike along the trails following the lakeshore, hiking and picnics.  Less than an hour away is the city of Guadalajara – the second largest in Mexico.  In Guadalajara, there is an excellent international airport, modern state-of-the-art hospitals, shopping malls and just about anything else people would want in a city.  In the towns of Lake Chapala themselves, there are the basics such as a Walmart and good clinics.

Morelia Real Estate (Lake Patzcuaro)

Morelia is a beautiful colonial city a few hours south-east of Lake Chapala.  While the city itself is probably Mexico’s best kept colonial secret – a real hidden gem – about 30 minutes away there is a large lake called Lake Patzcuaro. Along the shores are a number of villages, even more rustic than those of Lake Chapala.  Local festivals, food, art and other traditions are alive and well, and a part of day to day life.  The tows are small, picturesque and feel like they are from another age.

A favorite real estate type is the lakeside cottages just out of the towns, where very large yards and rustic-style homes are a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.  The weather is autumn-like – warm enough never to think of snow or frost again, but just cool enjoy so during the cooler months you can put on a sweater and light a fire in the fireplace.

Both of these options are very appealing to many expats, and, besides being very pleasant for those who like moderate temperatures, they are very affordable.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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