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There are many good retirement locations out there, but there are only a few that stand out as truly excellent.   One of these is Playa del Carmen retirement; for this reason more and more Americans and Canadians are buying Playa del Carmen real estate and making this beautiful beachfront town in Mexico their new home.   The following are some of the reasons why Playa del Carmen is the ideal retirement option.

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Warm Weather - This is one of the main reasons, why Americans and Canadians choose Mexico retirement; there are many warm places in the U.S., but the cost of living has gotten so high there that the average retiree can no longer consider choosing those places (see “Low Cost of Living” below.)   Playa del Carmen's average year-round temperature is about 78 degrees.


Beautiful Beaches - Playa del Carmen's beaches are not only beautiful, but among the most beautiful in the world.   It's common that well-traveled beach lovers will choose these as their #1 world-wide.   The sand is soft and white, and the water is warm, with a unique, bright turquoise color, making the beaches as enjoyable as they are beautiful.


Low Real Estate Prices - Very nice condos are available for prices that fit into just about any retirement budget.   When considering retiring on a lower budget, it's good to start off on the right foot, finding a nice, comfortable property for a price that allows you to feel good about what you have left.


Low Cost of Living - As mentioned above, living in Playa del Carmen is affordable; many basic day to day expenses are considerably less expensive than back in the U.S. or Canada.   This includes high-quality healthcare, home maintenance and household help - 3 items that become increasingly important in retirement.


Modern Services - In addition to excellent, modern healthcare, there are many other modern amenities like professional golf courses (there are about 10 in total,) international stores like Walmart, shopping malls, mega-screen movie theaters (with movies in English, of course) and high-speed internet service.   45 minutes away, there is also an international airport with well-priced, regular flights to all major destinations in North America.


Large Expat Community - Because of these benefits which appeal to retirees, families and many other people, there is a large expat community in Playa del Carmen; retirees will always find plenty of neighbors from back home.


Finding this combination is rare, which is why more and more retirees choose to make Playa del Carmen their home.



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