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While the Riviera Maya and even the entire Yucatan Peninsula are emerging as one large tourist region, there are very unique communities to choose from. Among these, Playa del Carmen real estate, Puerto Aventuras real estate and Cozumel real estate are excellent examples, each for their own reasons.


Playa del Carmen - A Taste of Europe

While Playa del Carmen was the area's second boom town (after Cancun) it developed with quite a different atmosphere than its older sister.   The town grew up along the beachfront, defined by small, picturesque tree-lined roads, pedestrian walkways - the most famous of which is Fifth Avenue - boutiques, cafes, tasteful little international restaurants and low-rise buildings.


On top of all this, Playa del Carmen has become a favorite for many Italian expats who have added a European flavor to the already provincial atmosphere.   Pasta and champagne restaurants, good pizza shops and gelaterias are very common, as are street musicians and art galleries.   Expats who enjoy this kind of European lifestyle enjoy life in Playa del Carmen.

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Puerto Aventuras - Marina & Golf

Puerto Aventuras is a gated community about 20 minutes south of Playa del Carmen; however, tree-lined streets, shops, restaurants, upscale hotels, a mall, and even a school and a church make Puerto Aventuras more like a village than a purely residential gated community.

Combined with 3 marinas surrounded by beautiful, luxury condos and a golf course surrounded by very nice homes, as well as some large lots still for sale, Puerto Aventuras offers luxury living in a unique context rarely found. Besides being a boat-lover's or golf-lover's paradise, it's simply a beautiful place to live.


Cozumel - A Caribbean Island with a Mayan Touch

As Mexico's Caribbean Island, Cozumel offers all the features which people would expect - beautiful beaches, with soft, white sand, and warm, turquoise-colored water, lush, green jungle, a relaxing, quiet lifestyle in condos overlooking these beaches, etc.


Added to the best of the Caribbean, the island's Mayan heritage is something unique.   Besides a number of Mayan ruins, the people of the island have strong Mayan roots, keeping their long-standing traditions of a quiet, peaceful lifestyle and a warm welcome to all who visit the island or decide to make it their home. The town of Cozumel reflects this culture in a quiet, safe and friendly atmosphere where relaxation isn't something to be sought but simply a way of life.


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