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When you decide to buy Yucatan real estate, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is the property type which is best for your needs.  Part of this decision will depend on the location you choose – the city of Merida, a beachfront town, etc.  Yet, some factors will be the same regardless, and the following points can help you decide whether you wish to invest a Yucatan home for sale or Yucatan land for sale.

You may prefer to buy a home in Yucatan, if:

  • you like all things colonial – Yucatan has a beautiful range of colonial homes homes for sale of a variety of sizes, ranging from picturesque and quaint traditional row houses to classic mansions.  Owning a colonial home means living directly in the heart of the romance that makes the city of Merida so charming.  There are also classic homes in the surrounding towns and beachfront communities.


  • you want to enjoy life in Yucatan, immediately – Buying a complete home, ready to use, is attractive because as soon as ownership is completely transferred, you can enjoy life in this beautiful part of Mexico, immediately without having to take time to build, renovate, etc.  Especially for retirees who are ready to escape from the cold, now, this can be an attractive option.


  • you are interested in a renovation project – While there are plenty of beautiful, completed houses available, there are also great opportunities for colonial and modern homes that are in need of a renovation.  Besides being a great way to save even more money, they present an interesting project for anyone who is into renovations and restorations.

You may prefer to invest in land in Yucatan if:

  • you prefer to build a custom home – If you have a specific idea in mind of exactly how you want your home to be laid out, you will probably feel more comfortable buying one of the excellent lots for sale, either in Merida or out in one of the beachfront towns.    This way you can choose – tradition, modern or a tasteful blend of the two.


  • you want a countryside estate – Yucatan is a great place for countryside estates, hobby farms and very large lots that can be shaped into a dream home in this warm-weather paradise.


In all cases, prices will be excellent; the difference in the choice is a matter of tastes and lifestyle needs much more so than budget.

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