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With times being tighter, many retirees are resigning themselves to a retirement that they can afford – even if it’s not what they’ve dreamed about all along, or even what they really need.  Yet, there are ways to have a dream retirement on a more modest budget; one of these ways is Puerto Vallarta real estate.

Puerto Vallarta retirement is both a dream retirement AND affordable.  The following are reasons it’s a dream retirement:

  • Warm weather – While this is one of the general advantages of Mexico retirement, Puerto Vallarta has an ideal moderately warm temperature range, with the average year-round temperature average at 72 degrees.  There is sunshine most of year – so much so, that after a while, residents will feel strangely surprised when a rare cloudy day passes.
  • Beautiful Beaches & Scenery – The beaches are very beautiful, and the hilly town offers views of not only the beaches, but also the fire-filled sunsets over the Pacific and the surrounding mountains, not to mention the classic Mexican Old Town itself.  As with the climate, beautiful scenery just becomes a part of everyday life in retirement here.
  • Modern services - The reality of life for retirement is that more and more as time goes on, modern services are simply a necessity.  On top of luxuries like professional golf courses and large-screen movie theaters, Puerto Vallarta offers excellent hospitals and international supermarkets like Walmart.


  • Close to home – Puerto Vallarta has a well-connected international airport with flights that are anywhere from an hour to 4 hours to get back home.  For many retirees, it is important to be able to get back and forth easily; for those who know they’re in Puerto Vallarta to stay, it’s often nice to get visits.  The flights are also very well priced because of the popularity of the area as a tourist destination, which brings us to the next set of points.

The following are the factors that make it affordable:

  • Well-priced real estate – Puerto Vallarta has something for every budget, from luxury villas to cozy and comfortable condos.  Affordable properties can be found both on the beachfront and with spectacular views from the hillside.


  • Low cost of living – For retirees, living comfortably is an important point, but so is staying within a budget.  The basics of day to day living, as well as monthly and annual expenses are low in Puerto Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta offers Americans and Canadians not only a dream retirement, but one that they can really afford and consider within a more modest budget.

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